Reading Detectives - Year 5 Reading Detectives: topic texts with free download

Author: Keen Kite Books
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 28-03-2018
ISBN: 978-0-00-828627-9
Pages: 88

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Solve the mystery of criminally hard comprehension by gathering evidence across the curriculum! This addition to the bestselling Reading Detectives series uses the same approach to teaching primary comprehension, but with texts linked to your History, Geography and Science topics.

Snoop out tricky texts right across the curriculum!

•Different genres and text types covering History, Geography and Science topics•Editable comprehension questions with a focus on inference and deduction•Guidance on assessing the expected standard

Included texts:Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages (Explore!) by Sonya NewlandThe Eagle of the Ninth by Rosemary SutcliffAnglo-Saxon Boy by Tony BradmanThe Last Viking by Terry DearyThe Georgians 1714-1837 (British History) by Kingfisher BooksThe Spitting Cobra: Egyptian Chronicles by Gill HarveyA Visitor’s Guide to Ancient Greece by Lesley SimsThe History Detective Investigates: Mayan Civilization by Clare HibbertWhere on Earth? Geography Without the Boring Bits by James DoyleThe Cities Book by Lonely Planet KidsJourney to the River Sea by Eva IbbotsonAcorn, Conker and Key by Michael RosenGangsta Granny by David WalliamsScience Experiments: Loads of Explosively Fun Activities to Do! by Robert WinstonFull Moon by Walter de la MareLittle Star by James McGonigalFatal Forces (Horrible Science) by Nick Arnold