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Ukulele Magic - Ukulele Magic Songbook

Ian Lawrence, Prepared for publication by Collins Music
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Learn to play the ukulele at home or in the classroom with these popular kids instruction books specially written for beginners!

This songbook will get you singing and strumming from the very first lesson, with tunes that you'll really want to play. Starting with just the open strings,...Read more

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Ukulele Magic Songbook is the perfect follow up to Ukulele Magic. Like the first book, this is very well thought out as Ian Lawrence knows what works with children, and it follows a process to get the children playing ukulele very quickly using simple songs and open strings. It can be used by both experienced and inexperienced teachers (even non-music specialists), the backing tracks work really well and are enjoyable to play along to, and the songs themselves are a mixture of original pieces that are designed specifically for teaching the ukulele and well-known pieces. Having used Ukulele Magic and found it to be an invaluable resource for my classes, using the follow up Ukulele Magic Songbook has provided me with a wider repertoire and more challenging material to introduce to my students. I cannot recommend this book highly enough. ~ Joff Watkins, Music Tutor/Guitar and Ukulele Faculty Coordinator