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Essential Italian in 2 hours with Paul Noble : Italian Made Easy with Your Bestselling Language Coach

Paul Noble
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No grammar tests. No memory drills. No chance of failure.

Welcome to Learn with Paul Noble – a unique, tried and tested language learning method that has been used by almost a million people to speak fluently and confidently in no time at all.

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Praise for Destination Italian with Paul Noble:
‘Diving straight into speech worked really well for me; you start being able to communicate straight away.’
"Paul Noble's friendly approach is a great way to learn quickly"
Praise for other titles in the Paul Noble range:
‘More than I ever managed in five years of French at school.’Tom Meltzer, The Guardian
‘I seemed to absorb the phrases taught, without even consciously trying, and quickly felt confident enough to make my own sentences.’Penelope M. Walsh, Canary Wharf Magazine