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Collins Big Cat Software - Phonics CD-Rom

Kay Hiatt, Prepared for publication by Collins Big Cat

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10 minutes a day is all you need to learn to read! This bright, lively CD-ROM featuring Big Cat and his friends provides all you need to teach synthetic phonics in a fast, fun, systematic way.

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"As a class teacher I taught phonics and saw first hand the success of this fun, child-centred approach to teaching literacy. Consequently I was committed to introducing the scheme into Dovers Green…It is pacey because the children follow a similar format each day and easy for the teacher as there is very little preparation."(Dover's Green Primary School)
"It's fun! The children enjoy it and ask to do it. We've seen significant improvement in children's ability to apply phonic knowledge to reading regular words and attempting more complete words. Independence with this has increased also. Teachers have seen improved reading ability (scores) compared to previous years."(Springfield Junior School)
Collins Big Cat Phonics author Kay Hiatt was recently featured in a TES article on Stoughton Infant school, Guildford, where her programme has been used since 2003. The number of pupils reaching Level 2 at age 7 has since increased from 89% to 95%. (TES, 24/3/06)