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Haralambos and Holborn AQA A Level Sociology - AQA A Level Sociology Themes and Perspectives – Year 2 ebook : Course licence

Michael Haralambos, Martin Holborn, Pauline Wilson and Tim Davies, Illustrated by Matt Timson

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Exam Board: AQA
Level & Subject: AS and A Level Sociology (7191, 7192)
First teaching: September 2015 First exams: June 2017

The most up-to-date coverage and in-depth exam support for AQA A-level Sociology, from the bestselling authors of Sociology: Themes and Perspectives.

Book 2 provides in-depth coverage of AQA’s 2015...Read more

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”'I absolutely love Haralambos and Holborn for Sociology. These writes made me fall in love with Sociology as a student many years again and now as an A Level Sociology Teacher they are my go to bible for my lessons. Thank you Haralambos and Holborn… another fine couple books which bring the subject alive.”5* Amazon review.
”'Very current and an excellent revision book.”5* Amazon review.
“These two books are probably the best introductions to sociology that I’ve come across. Haralambos and Holborn are well known for their earlier, one-volume work on sociology that became known amongst its readers as the ‘Blue Bible’. These two books continue in the same tradition.
The writing is always clear and easy to understand throughout, which is not usually the case with other, similar-type publications, where some topics often seem much more demanding than others. Haralambos and Holborn write in such a manner that many of the complexities of the subject seem almost to disappear, as each topic is clearly presented, explained and dissected, with lots of learning devices used within the texts to help consolidate one’s learning. Even when the topic is as demanding as methodology or sociological theory, these authors never fail to deliver. The books also cover a great deal sociological research, with both classical studies mixed in with up to date, recent research.
Like their earlier book (the book I used for my own studies some years back), these two volumes cover the whole syllabus. But not only that, they bring the subject to life, making it interesting and memorable for readers.
”I would recommend these two books (Year 1 and 2) for anyone who is interested in this eye-opening subject. Great to finally have the work updated for the new syllabus.”5* Amazon review.