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Clique Français - Interactive CD-Rom : with 30-user licence

Immersive Education, Anneli McLachlan, Colin Christie and Eleanor Mayes
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Clique Français is an innovative GCSE French CD-ROM that uses Immersive Education's Kar2ouche software to bring a whole new dimension to listening and speaking.

  • Students are motivated and stimulated through interactive activities that aim to help them learn and practise the spoken forms of French in different...Read more
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"Clique Francais puts a new slant on language teaching and is motivating and fun too. The topics and exercises are very appropriate to the GCSE specifications and are very clear, not confusing at all…especially useful for practising pre-taught language and vocabulary. It's easy for students to improve their speaking and listening when they can record themselves, correct their own mistakes and have the computer talking back."Rita Veerappa, Deputy Head of MFL, Northumberland Park School, London