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Letts 11+ Success - 11+ Practice Test Papers (Get test-ready) Book 1, inc. Audio Download: for the CEM tests (Letts 11+ Success)

Author: Letts 11+, The 11 Plus Tutoring Academy and Philip McMahon
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 29-05-2015
ISBN: 978-1-84419-803-0
Pages: 104

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Exam Board: CEM
Level & Subject: 11+ Study Skills
Suitable for the 2020 tests

‘Get test-ready’ is the final stage in the Letts 11+ Practice Test Papers series, providing children with realistic practice at CEM test-level standard. The Letts Practice Test Papers series for CEM 11 Plus is divided into three levels of difficulty to build your child’s confidence and help them do their very best. Created in partnership with the 11 Plus Tutoring Academy, these 11 Plus CEM practice papers include two complete tests (four papers in total) which allow children to practise answering CEM-style questions under timed conditions in order to familiarise them with the real thing. A free audio download can be found at lettsrevision.co.uk for even more realistic test practice. There’s also an answer sheet included for each test, along with explanations and guidance for parents. Download additional answer sheets free of charge from the Letts website so you can reuse the 11 Plus CEM books as often as you like! Other 11 Plus CEM papers available in this series are Get started (9781844198962), Get ahead (9781844198979), Get test-ready Book 2 (9781844198429), Get test-ready Bumper Book (9781844198436) and Complete (9781844198986).