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Abracadabra Strings Beginners - Abracadabra Double Bass Beginner (Pupil's book + CD)

Author: Katie Wearing and Chris Maybank
Format: Other Format
Publication Date: 30-03-2007
ISBN: 978-0-7136-8163-5
Pages: 32

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This pupil's book provides a lively and comprehensive introduction to the very first steps of playing the double bass.

Abracadabra Strings Beginners is a new series of string tutors designed to precede our existing Abracadabra books. All the titles in the series work in conjuction with each other, making them ideal for ensemble, group and whole class tuition. Used alone they remain perfect for individual lessons.

The book contains activities, games and pieces that teach the fundamentals of playing the double bass: good posture (with and without the instrument), bow hold, finger position and pitch awareness as well as developing rhythm and notation reading.

The CD also aids pitch development with performances of the pieces and backing tracks to motivate pupils to practise pieces and activities outside of their lessons.

The basics are constantly reinforced and revisited with the pupils building up to 'performance pieces' that combine and showcase all of the skills they have developed.