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The most thorough and accurate way of assessing reading using online miscue tests Now available for KS1 & KS2

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The Reading Assessment Tool is an app that enables you to assess your whole class in an hour, with instant access to the results and a clear plan for next steps.

  • See results from each child's miscue session instantly
  • Identify areas of weakness for a targeted approach to improvement
  • Manageable individual progression plans provide 'next steps' that are tailored for each child
  • Results are monitored and displayed over time allowing you to track progress
  • Access the audio file to listen again or send to parents

UK schools: Contact your local sales rep to book a free demonstration

International schools: Email us and we will be in touch

The Reading Assessment Tool uses extracts from Collins Big Cat books - an equal mix of fiction and non-fiction.

The child reads from the book, while you log any mistakes in the Tool using an easy key.

Many of the books used in the Tool are decodable. Purchase the books in Sets with a built-in 20% discount.


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