Books for Ages 7-11 international qualifications

Ages 7-11

Collins Big Cat

Collins Big Cat -

is a guided reading scheme with a mix of fiction and non-fiction titles that will inspire and motivate your young readers.

Collins International Primary English

Includes a wide range of engaging and stimulating texts to build literacy and language skills, and a digital component to support teaching and extend learning.

Busy Ant Maths for international qualifications

Busy Ant Maths

A flexible whole-school programme that ensures conceptual understanding and mathematical fluency from the start.

Fluency in Number Facts

Accelerate children's progress and mental calculation skills through playing fun and exciting games throughout the day.

Collins Primary International

Meets the needs of primary science students and teachers worldwide.

Snap Science

Get your teeth into primary science with Snap Science!

Collins New Primary Maths - Assisting Maths

Help struggling pupils catch up with this comprehensive intervention programme from Collins New Primary Maths.

Collins New Primary Maths - Enriching Maths

Meet the needs of pupils who are exceeding age-related expectations by enriching their mathematical knowledge.

Collins Primary Focus

Succeed at language skills, including grammar, punctuation, spelling, vocabulary and writing. Curriculum Change is fast approaching, but the good news is that we have the resources to support you through the transition.

Collins Primary Literacy

Collins Primary Literacy is a literacy programme written specifically for the renewed Framework.

Collins First

Collins illustrated children’s dictionaries help you to teach languages the way you want to.