Books for Ages 14-16 for international qualifications

Ages 14-16

IGCSE English for international qualifications

IGCSE English

Revised and updated to support the Cambridge IGCSE English 2015 syllabus.

Edexcel international GCSE Maths for international qualifications

Edexcel international GCSE Maths

Support students and teachers throughout the International GCSE course

Collins Science for Cambridge and International GCSE

Collins Science for Cambridge and International GCSE

Deliver the course with confidence with dedicated resources.

Collins New GCSE Science

Enthuse and inspire your GCSE students.

Collins Cambridge IGCSE Geography

Engage students with an investigative approach to Cambridge IGCSE Geography.

Collins Cambridge IGCSE Business Studies

Engage your Cambridge IGCSE students with clear explanation, international case studies and effective teacher guidance.

Collins Cambridge IGCSE English as a Second Language

Skills-building support and practice.

Collins Cambridge IGCSE Maths

Collins Cambridge IGCSE Maths Deliver high quality and engaging lessons with dedicated resources.

Collins Cambridge IGCSE ICT

students by linking theory and practice alongside skills-building activities.

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