Letts 11+ Success - 11+ Practice Test Papers for the CEM tests (Complete) inc. Audio Download - 9781844198986

Letts 11+ Success - 11+ Practice Test Papers for the CEM tests (Complete) inc. Audio Download

Letts 11+
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In the style of the CEM 11+ tests, the Letts practice test paper series is split into three levels of difficulty to gradually build your child’s confidence and get them ready for the test. Children can practise answering CEM-style questions under timed conditions to become familiar with the assessment process and ensure success in the 11+ tests.

This complete book contains all three stages in one great value edition:

Get started introduces children to test-style questions at an easier level
Get ahead develops children’s 11 skills just below test-level
Get test-ready provides realistic practice at test-level standard

It contains:
• 6 complete tests (12 papers in total)
• An answer sheet for each test and a complete set of answers with explanations
• Guidance for parents
• Free audio download for a realistic test experience
• The opportunity to download additional answer sheets from our website free of charge so you can reuse the books as often as you like!

Available in this series:
Get started
Get ahead
Get test-ready (Book 1, Book 2 and Bumper book)
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