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Letts 11+ Success - 11+ Results Booster: for the CEM tests

Letts 11+, The 11 Plus Tutoring Academy and Philip McMahon
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Designed to support preparation for the new CEM 11+ tests, this practice paper book will improve performance by providing invaluable practice in two key areas:

• the knowledge and skills gap between the 11 plus tests and the national curriculum
• the question types that pupils taking the 11+ tests frequently struggle with

Allowing children to focus on one particular skill at a time, this results booster for CEM bridges the gap between the national curriculum and the 11 Plus tests with 24 short tests spanning numerical, verbal and non-verbal reasoning. Practising the CEM test questions will help to build confidence and improve understanding.

Included in this book:

• 24 short tests covering numerical, verbal and non-verbal reasoning
• Discussion of the variety of question types that pupils can often find challenging across all areas of the exam
• Opportunity to identify strengths and weaknesses as each test highlights the question type being covered
• A complete set of answers with explanations, notes for parents and a score sheet to track scores over multiple attempts
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