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The questions are supported with fully worked answers that clearly explain how to understand and tackle each question, how to reach the right answer and how to maximise marks in the final exam.

Our Practice Papers can be used in two main ways. You can either work completely through each paper, treating it as a timed practice-run for the final exam; or you can use the index of topic questions in order to find and focus on the topics that you particularly need to revise.

The enhanced answer section for each Practice Paper is specifically designed to ensure you understand your course material as fully as possible. These sections will build confidence in answering exam questions – they show exactly what the examiner is looking for and how you can set about getting those all important extra marks! Practical revision tips are also provided, making the Practice Paper a one-stop shop for all revision needs!

* Completely new practice papers, available for the first time
* Enhanced answer section supports learning by demonstrating how to arrive at the correct answer
* Marking schemes allow you to see how marks are allocated, which helps plan time effectively during the exam
* Highly effective for use in class or for revision at home
* Designed to look and feel just like an SQA exam paper to mirror the exam experience
* Packed full of practical exam hints and tips
* Choose whether to complete a whole paper or let the handy topic index allow you to focus on specific topics
* The perfect revision tool for students wanting to practise exams questions and understand how to achieve the very best grade
* Unlimited lifespan as papers are not year-dependent
* Competitively priced to help stretch your budget!
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