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Collins A Level Maths - Bridging GCSE and A Level Maths Teacher’s Pack [Paid for download edition]

John Berry and Sue Langham
A Level/Ages 16 and above
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In this download you will find:
• Structured lesson plans to match each topic in the student book and accompanying activity sheets.
• A brand new section for students that fully covers Integration.
• Answers from the Practice section of the student book.
• Mark scheme for the tear-out practice exam paper at the back of the student book.

Collins Bridging GCSE and A Level Maths Teacher’s Pack is a paid-for-download available on the Collins website. It provides you with the support you need to help students to bridge the transition from GCSE Mathematics to A Level.
• Reinforce your students’ understanding of the difference between GCSE and AS Level with What you should already know’ and What you will learn’ objectives
• Show your students how the maths they are learning links to real life
• Get the whole class involved and motivated right from the beginning of the Maths lesson with interesting starters
• Tackle misconceptions and common errors head-on with clear explanations
• Provide extra support to Grade B students with suggestions on how to access the questions
• Stretch and challenge high-fliers with extension material
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