On Beyond Zebra - 9780001720404

On Beyond Zebra

Dr. Seuss, Illustrated by Dr. Seuss
Key Stage 1/Ages 5-7
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Packed with all the essential ingredients that have made Dr. Seuss so well-loved over the last 50 years – riotous rhyme, bizarre creatures, zany artwork, off-the-wall humour – On Beyond Zebra is vintage Seuss at its very best.

The book tells the tale of a young boy’s delight in his alphabet, which starts where our alphabet ends. Carrying on beyond Z for zebra, it begins with the letter Yuzz, for Yuzz-a-ma-Tuzz, a huge hairy creature with big blues eyes. This is followed by Wum, Um, Humpf, Fuddle and Glikk Glikk as in Glikker, who lives in wild weeds and spends his time juggling with cinnamon seeds.

And so it goes on, full of wild imaginings and hilarious absurdities, helping to instill a love of words and spelling in all young children.
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