Discover a pioneering online platform for GCSE Maths, a step ahead of any other digital resources available. Sophisticated technology enables your students to access truly personalised learning – much more than just automarked questions.

Diagnose weaknesses early and close the gap with bettermarks® which continuously adapts to develop students’ understanding ensuring no-one gets left behind in GCSE Maths.

Collins is delighted to introduce bettermarks® to the UK

Ensure no-one gets left behind. bettermarks® is for everyone in your class, enabling them to make as much progress as possible. It is the only genuinely personalised online learning programme for the new GCSE Maths.

  • Real-time specific feedback at every stage identifies and helps to close gaps in students’ knowledge.
  • Students learn from their mistakes and always get a second go when they get a question wrong.
  • Thousands of varied questions, selected on each student’s strengths and weaknesses, provide practice in different contexts.