Based on maths teaching in Shanghai, this series of practice books for years 1-11 provides complete coverage of the maths curriculum for England.

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  • Practice Book 1
  • Practice Book 2
  • Practice Book 3
  • Practice Book 4
  • Practice Book 6

The Shanghai pedagogy is based on

  • A step-by-step teaching approach which uses varied, intelligent practice to develop basic knowledge, basic skills and thorough mastery of concepts
  • A whole-class teaching method where teachers reinforce that every pupil can achieve a high standard in maths
  • A methodical curriculum design where pupils progress at the same pace
  • Immediate feedback where misconceptions are addressed as they occur
  • Skillful questioning within lessons to promote conceptual understanding
  • Parental engagement is strong ñ maths is considered a fundamental life skill

The practice books:

  • Translated and adapted from the bestselling Shanghai Maths programme One Lesson, One Exercise, which has been used in Shanghai schools for the last 24 years
  • Contain 8-10 chapters made up of exercises, end of unit tests and end of year tests
  • Small steps of progression, with practice at each stage
  • Supplementary practice material that is not tied to a restrictive programme
  • Full coverage of the curriculum objectives for England
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