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Primary Mathematics

Enjoy the new 2014 maths curriculum with simple solutions from Collins! Take a closer look at Busy Ant Maths, the exciting new primary maths programme from expert Peter Clarke. We also have new resources to help develop mathematical fluency in your school, Fluency in Number Facts, and a new targeted resource to boost success in Level 6 Maths.

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Busy Ant Maths, Primary Mathematics

Busy Ant Maths

25% off Busy Ant Maths, use code WEBBAM25 at the checkout to claim your discount. 

The Shanghai Maths Project -

Collins are delighted to announce the publication of The Shanghai Maths Project for use in UK schools in the summer of 2015.

Fluency in Number Facts Book - Primary Mathematics

Fluency in Number Facts

Accelerate children's progress and mental calculation skills through playing fun and exciting games throughout the day.

Collins Level 6 Maths Book

Level 6 Maths

Leap up to Level 6 with easy-to-use teaching and practice activities designed to give you the confidence to deliver Level 6 maths content with ease.

Assisting Maths

Help struggling pupils catch up with this comprehensive intervention programme from Collins New Primary Maths.

Enriching Maths

Meet the needs of pupils who are exceeding age-related expectations by enriching their mathematical knowledge.

Collins Connect -

is an innovative online learning platform designed to support teachers and pupils by providing a wealth of content and interactive activities. Visit the sample site to see how Collins Connect can support the teaching of Busy Ant Maths.

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